Markus and Heidi Brown - Testimonials

My husband and I feel so incredibly fortunate to have stumbled across Markus and Heidi in our North Tustin house hunt this past summer.

We were relocating from the Bay Area, and the process would have been so much more difficult had it not been for Markus and Heidi's patience, diligence, and expertise. They fielded our endless first-time homebuyer questions and navigated our course through the escrow process with grace and professionalism. Markus is very tuned into the nuances of the market, knowledgable about construction & renovation, dedicated to his clients, and refreshingly honest and sincere. Heidi's thorough attention to detail is unparalleled. When some hiccups arose during escrow, Markus and Heidi guided us with the most expert of hands, and we had the utmost confidence throughout the entire process that we had two of the best possible real estate agents in our corner. We are so grateful to have found this team! Markus and Heidi, thank you so very much for everything.

Kirsten Anderson

Markus and Heidi helped us find and purchase our house.

The house needed a little work, and Markus helped us determine if we would be able to handle the remodeling projects or if we were in over our heads. Markus has a very good knowledge of how houses are built and gave good references to inspectors and we determined that we would be able to manage the projects that came with the house. Heidi was very organized with the paperwork process and made sure that all the deadlines were met so the escrow closed smoothly and on time. Markus and Heidi's professionalism and good sense of humor made the buying process as simple and fun as possible and we highly recommend them to anyone looking for a capable realtor.  

Jorg and Laura Hesser

Heidi and Markus helped us buy a property in North Tustin recently and they exceeded our expectations.

The house had some layout/structural challenges and Markus gave us several different design options to make the house work for our family. His ideas made the move possible. We had some financial bumps along the way and they were patient, creative, and supportive the entire time. My husband and I would not hesitate to use them again in the future and I have already recommended them to my colleagues at work. They are honest, hard-working, and experts in their field.

Bonnie Millet

Heidi and Markus are the best team.

Great backend office work by Heidi, and Markus is great with the sales aspect and the physical characteristics of the home. You definitely need them both! They both have the knowledge and experience you need to make sure everything is done correctly; from setting up proper expectations from the start, down to the final closing. I am very grateful to have been working with them!


I can't even begin to say enough good things about Markus.

He is on his game, extremely professional, ethical, and an all around nice guy. When our mom passed away we were faced with the difficult task of selling her home, our family home for the past 54 years. It was an emotional journey but Markus worked with us every step of the way to ensure that we were successful, and yet he remained sensitive to our wishes and never once made us feel like he was just in it for the sale. He truly cared about us!! I am so grateful that he was our realtor and I would refer him in a heartbeat! He is one class act! Markus and Heidi, From the bottom of my heart, Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Debbie Hjorth

We want to say how much we appreciate the splendid service that Heidi and Markus provided during the purchase of our home.

The personal nature of their service, their knowledge of the local area and attention to detail made all the difference. Not only did we find a home but also made two friends. Thanks. We do definitely recommend them to others in need to purchase or sell a house. 

Ed Torres and Sandra Kageyama

Markus and Heidi sold our Old Town Tustin home in a month.

We are so happy with them. They are very professional and go out of their way to make sure things run smoothly and are taken care of. We had no worries. They make a great team. Thank you Heidi and Markus, now on to purchasing a home!

Stephanie Fairbanks

Markus and Heidi are true professionals.

We’re closing today on a beautiful home in Cowan Heights that we wouldn’t have considered without their guidance. Markus knows the market inside and out. As a result, they steered us in the right direction, in terms of the way we considered location, property attributes for our family and living needs, as well as long-term investment value. Markus has a good eye for knowing the potential of a property. He can envision remodel potential or ideas on the spot. Heidi is highly efficient, organized and the best person to have on your team to make sure all of the details are covered and your deal is handled completely. We can’t say enough great things, we feel fortunate to have been able to work with them. Thank you both for making our purchase a truly enjoyable experience!

Jennifer Anaya

Markus and Heidi are an unbelievable team!

We are beyond happy with our experience working with them! We hired them for their knowledge of the market in Old Town Tustin; they created a highly professional marketing plan and collateral and we had a full price offer after our home had only been on the market for 3 days! They are an intelligent team that really understands the complexity and intricacies of the real estate market. They alway have your best interest at mind and fight for you to make sure you are never left exposed to something you are uncomfortable with in any part of the transaction. We also used them to purchase our new home which is where we got to see them work their hardest; writing offer after offer, endless home tours, sending out personal letters to our prospective neighborhoods, even door knocking, they were as determined as we were to help us find our new home, all while making us feel like we were their only clients! Buying and selling a home is one of the largest teansactions you will ever make, Markus and Heidi are your team and you won't regret it! We look forward to hiring them again!

Kevin and Sarah McGee

Heidi and Markus are extremely knowledgeable about both the Tustin area and the real estate market as a whole.

We felt extremely comfortable using them as our realtors as we knew they always had our best interest in mind. They weren't pushy like other realtors, but provided us with all of the information we needed and answered all of the many questions we had which allowed us to make an informed decision. When it came to the escrow process, Markus and Heidi were with us each step of the way. They never hesitated to go above and beyond for us when we needed their assistance and did so in a personable and professional manner. They were always honest and pleasant and we truly enjoyed getting to know them during the home-buying process.  

Jeremiah and Sharon Meadows

Thank you, Markus & Heidi!

We were looking for a home in the North Tustin area and were very fortunate to find Markus and Heidi Brown. Markus knows the area very well, including the boundaries for schools, new developments etc. He was great about pointing out issues especially since most of the homes are older homes. Markus is also very patient and won't let you settle on a house just to get into a home. Heidi's attention to detail were important in getting our escrow closed. There are benefits to using an agent instead of trying to do it on your own. We would highly recommend Markus & Heidi Brown!

Nicole Joko

It was a real pleasure to work with Heidi and Markus Brown .

We've owned 5 homes and have never been given such personal attention. They are both confident, professional and extremely knowledgeable.Don't let those fresh young faces fool you! My husband and I both learned so much from them. We have a lovely new home in North Tustin and made new friends along the way!

Amy Mahar

Dear Heidi and Markus,This is a heartfelt letter that is intended to bring light upon you both.

  I?ve known you for over 7 years now; first as friends who share the love of surfing, then again by connecting with our desire to be pro-active in helping restore this charming little town of Tustin; and now as my personal realtors.  And let me say, that the pleasure has been all mine. Your professionalism is over the top but not too much that you can't be real and authentic.  And I love (and laugh) at your uniqueness? that you both bring to your profession and why it is you chose to be a team.  Both right on point with such precision and speed that it just makes me be in awe.  Let my thanks and gratitude come through for all yo'uve done for me and the selling of this property.  You knew your buyer, seller, market, economy, the neighborhood and most important the listing price.  You guys hit this one out of the park.  One week on the market and we were on our way.May we be friends forever as we come and go through life.  And again, the pleasure of our friendship is all mine.

April Pollock

As a first time buyer, I wasn't sure what to expect when it came to purchasing my first home.

But I was pleasantly surprised when working with Heidi and Markus. They took the time to explain the home buying process to me which made my experience much more enjoyable. Their professionalism and loyalty to their clients is outstanding. I will gladly utilize their services when I decide to move up to a larger home. Thank you for all that you did for me.  

Karen McGinnis

Markus and Heidi Brown did an excellent job, from beginning to end, with the sale of my house.

They took a lot of time to give good counsel in preparation for the sale, in the sale itself, and through the escrow period. Markus and Heidi know this area extremely well, and I had full confidence in their ability to get a good and fair price for my home. I am abundantly grateful for their assistance!

Rachel Hamburger

What do you want in an agent(s)?

Honesty (check), Knowledge of the market (check), Organization(check), Integrity (check). Markus and Heidi were our buyers agents on a house we closed in North Tustin in March, 2013. Markus knows the local market very well and he an astute eye for architecture and potential problem issues (great choice in footwear as well). We were not pressured into buying something that really did not work for us and to me that speaks volumes from an integrity perspective. We were looking for a value play in the right school district and ideally for a house that was 'different'. We got all of the above and at the right price as well. For me, when an agent takes a calm approach to a highly stressful process it means it's not about desperation, it's about getting it right. Markus and Heidi got it right on every level. I would also mention that Heidi is very organized and steadfast throughout the entire escrow process and made sure that everything moved along in an efficient and timely manner. Highly recommend.

Von Sims

Markus and Heidi represented us while selling our North Tustin home last summer (2015).

Multi-faceted marketing was thorough and tasteful. Professional but personable, efficient but patient and communicative, Markus and Heidi minimized the anxiety and uncertainty that accompanies the sales process. They devoted themselves exclusively to our best interests as clients and, in the end, got us an excellent price for our house. 

Bill and Jan Winter

We have purchased and sold homes with Markus and Heidi.

They were very professional, prompt, knowledgeable and fun to work with. We would recommend them to our family and friends. Thank you for all your hard work!

Marina Parsons

We had an excellent experience with Markus and Heidi!

They are so knowledgeable and helpful and we could not have bought our new home without their help. They understand how to manage difficult situations and do so with class and integrity. We will be recommending this team to all of our friends!!

Jessica Starr

Markus' expertise and knowledge of the market and the area was outstanding.

Markus and Heidi make a great team. They are incredibly thorough and detail oriented. I would highly recommend them to help guide you through a very competitive and what can be a very stressful process.

Alex Joko

Before I purchased the house in Laguna Beach, I was living in San Diego, but wanted to buy a house in Orange County, so a local honest and capable agent is critical.

I watched the housing market on for about five years and worked with quite a few agents. A fundamental issue with agents is that they always pushed me to take another look after each house visit, then pushed me to write an offer. This is understandable because they are working towards their commission, but forced me to wonder what is the point to work with an agent. Since I can find pretty much all homes on the market from redfin, I decided to deal with the seller's agent directly. This approach eventually led me to Markus. After seeing one of his listings in North Tustin, both my wife and I realized that Markus is different, so we tentatively asked Markus to set up our next house seeing visit. It turned out that Markus is extremely knowledgeable about the makret and the condition of the houeses, such as issues with them and how much it would cost to get them fixed. During and after each visit, he always gives his opinions. This went a long way to building a trusting relationship. We made quite a few offers, but did not ink the deal.  We finally went into our first escrow with a house in Laguna Beach. There was musky smell in the garage/basement, so we asked our home inspector's opinion and even hired a contractor to evaluate the situation. Their opinions were that this problem was fixable with improved ventilation, so I was planning to close escrow. A few days before our 17-day grace period, Markus suddenly recommended me to cancel the escrow: he somehow dug up a lot of evidence, including talking to the original plumber, and concluded that the problem is structural and that the seller tried but failed to fix the problem. Have you heard something like this: your agent telling you to cancel the escrow? Another benefit of working with the Brown team is that Heidi is specialized in escrow and she is the same in terms of professionalism and placing clients' interest above their own. I am a perfectionist, but was able to gain confidence in Heidi so quickly that we went on vacation in Hawaii for one week during our escrow on the home we ended up purchasing, without initiating any phone calls to check the status. We are very happy with our new home and the whole purchase experience. We know a lot of things could go wrong and have heard many horrible stories. I guess we were lucky running into Markus and then Heidi and would like express our sincere gratitude. Thank you, Markus and Heidi.

Yuli Yu

My wife and I researched and interviewed many agents before deciding on Markus and Heidi to represent us and we could not be more thrilled with our choice.

Markus and Heidi earned our business through the depth of their market research, product knowledge, and the quality of their marketing materials, all of which they put to use in the sale of our home. Three days after listing our home with them we had over half a dozen full asking price offers from which to choose! Throughout the process of the sale, we came to really appreciate their team approach as we coordinated negotiations and strategy with Markus and logistics and marketing with Heidi. Both of them were generous with their time, clear in their explanations of the challenges and technical issues of our sale, terrifically detail oriented, and made the experience both profitable and fun. Among the many reasons we had chosen Markus and Heidi at the start of our process was their intimate knowledge of the Old Town Tustin market. When our home purchase interests shifted to a property in Silverado Canyon, we were blown away with how quickly they researched the market, mastered the idiosyncrasies of canyon properties, and were able to guide us through the unique pitfalls and challenges of purchasing property outside of the suburban norm. Their help with financing logistics, negotiation, and identifying contractors has helped make our dreams come true. We feel tremendously blessed to have worked with Markus and Heidi! 

Grant and Keri Davis

Thank you very much.

We were extremely happy with the way you handled the sale and you guys rock. It's nice being able to trust your real estate agents with your eyes shut. 

Ken and Fabiana Muench

Heidi is to Markus what Robin is to Batman.

The team is great. They have a flow that gets $#$# done and moves things along. Attentive while non-invasive, they truly understand the process and the emotions that go along with it. That is for them on a more personal side. Here are the transaction details. They crushed it. It wasn't easy... but they crushed it. In our case they represented both buyer and seller. It can't be easy to represent both... I didn't get the sense that they were playing favorites. It was all very black and white and transparent. No back door, ally dealings here. In terms of working with the lender and Escrow. They don't seem to take any shortcuts. They focus on whoever is going to represent them best and with whom they are going to get the best results. They were courteous with our lender and pushed him along when needed. The team works with Markus and Heidi.. we fell into working with them and as our first time purchase we weren't really sure what to expect with a realtor. About mid-way through we found ourselves saying to ourselves "thank goodness we landed with Markus and Heidi... we can see how it could be much more confusing and painful of a process without a good agent."

Milan Rousset

The Browns listed my investment property in the desert.

All offers and negotiations were presented and performed flawlessly. This was the most satisfying real estate experience I have ever had. I will definitely use their services for my next purchase or sale.

Hans Thurau

Dear Heidi and Markus, We would like to thank both of you for the truly excellent job you did in helping us sell our house on Miralago in North Tustin.

Right from the beginning with the early discussions on marketing strategy, pricing, and timing of the various activities, you both did a great job moving the whole process along quickly and efficiently. You were both very professional in all of our dealings, plus we thought you were just plain good folks to work with. You were very proactive in getting the house listed, previewed, and then shown at the two open houses. Since the house sold so quickly, we can only assume that the pricing we agreed upon was right in the ballpark. Overall, the process went incredibly smoothly and we are very appreciative of the efforts you made to lead to a successful (and quick!) sale. In this market, it could have taken much longer, but everything went so well and so fast that we are still trying to catch our breath. Thanks again for a great job. We would definitely recommend your services to any friends in the area looking to sell their homes. 

Lynn and Susan Lasswell

Markus and Heidi did an outstanding job helping us buy our first home.

They were very patient with all of our questions and always had informative and honest answers. They went above and beyond helping us make all the right decisions. We were very appreciative of all their efforts and could not have asked for a better experience. We readily recommend them to anyone in need of their services. Chris and Kirsten McCraw, Ladera Ranch, CA

Chris and Kirsten McCraw

Markus and Heidi, I want to thank you so much for your help with the sale of my house.

If you have a perspective client who is having a hard time with choosing a realtor or apprehensive of what is about to happen when they put their house on the market, please let them read my take on the sale of a house. Selling a house is not as easy as one may think. It takes patience, more patience and even more patience. It also takes trust in the realtor or realtors that you choose to help you with this event. From the staging of a house to the legal terms in the contract, a realtor is definitely needed. I had the fortunate experience of working with Markus and Heidi Brown in one of the most difficult times of my life. However, their knowledge, understanding and patience with me made the sale of my house a pleasant experience. Markus has a great deal of professionalism, patience and understanding of what I was going through. Heidi has outstanding marketing skills and brought my house to life through photos and words so that people wanted to come check out my charming and cozy home. Thanks again for all your hard work and most of all your understanding. That meant a great deal to me. 

Shelley Strain

Heidi and Markus pointed out that because of the nature of our contingent offer it would be a difficult sell.

With this in mind, they met with the sellers and their agent to submit our offer in person. Fortunately for us their presentation was very effective. Overall, Heidi and Markus proved to be extremely professional, highly organized and their dedication to our needs was second to none. We can't tell you how impressed we are with them and will definitely use them again. 

David and Elena Goodrich

We would just like to share that Markus is an outstanding real estate professional, no doubt, but he is also and invaluable resource.

His expertise ranges from construction best practices to design input, to local real estate information to in-depth knowledge of market trends. Markus took the time to fully assess our needs and honed in on properties that were aligned with our tastes and requirements. We received proactive and personalized service which says a lot in such a highly technology driven industry. Very refreshing! We also had the pleasure of working with Heidi Brown throughout the entire escrow process. She was detailed, thorough and always a step ahead. Markus and Heidi are an exceptional team! We appreciate everything they did for us and will turn to them again for all our real estate needs. Thank you both!

Michelle Nerny

Thank you so much to Markus and Heidi.

Markus helped us find our dream home! He knew exactly what we wanted and he was always available to advise us and show us houses. Once we were in escrow, Heidi was informative, organized, and efficient. I recommend Heidi and Markus to anyone buying a home. They really know their stuff!

Jen Burley

Just wanted to let you know how happy we are in our new home.

We appreciate the work Markus and Heidi did for us, especially walking us through every detail of the process. Their professionalism and enthusiasm was key in making our dream come true. Carlos Gomez and Jamie Li, Los Angeles, CA

Carlos Gomez and Jamie Li

I absolutely could not have made a better choice when deciding upon a Real Estate Agent to sell my property!

! I had a very complicated property transaction to be dealt with. It consisted of three separate parcels, two of which were vacant land with barns and the third of which was a home built in 1964 that while it had been maintained, it didn't have the common upgrades seen in today's market place. All parcels combined were approximately 1.5+ acres, and as a result of the configuration of the 3 parcels, they all had to be sold with concurring escrow closing dates, all of which were was successfully sold within a month, w/ 45 day escrow, to 2 separate buyers. If that wasn't a challenge in itself, I added to that challenge by deciding, mid-stream, to purchase of another property in a completely different County, that had to also coincide with, and be contingent upon, the successful closing of the 3 properties. Markus was always one step ahead, worked with the buyers, the sellers, other agents and myself, on nearly a daily basis. I am amazed (but not really) because I know when you have a really good RE Agent, things get done. I cannot say enough as to his professionalism, expertise, and knowledge of not only the real estate market but of buyers, sellers, other agents, financing, codes, etc. Markus works as a team with his wife Heidi (m&h brown & associates) and the two of them get things done in a double check fashion... the smallest detail is not overlooked. They answer your questions and respond to your concerns very quickly and with detailed information. Whether you are a Seller or a Buyer, your best interest is always first (always!!) Many people find the sale of a home to be overwhelming and stressful but instead I found the entire sale process to be smooth, organized, planned and enlightening. My only regret is not having more properties for them to sell!

Debra Brown

Markus and Heidi guided us successfully through the fears and hazards of selling our house in these very difficult times.

They were very professional, paying attention to our requests and giving us ample time to prepare the house before showing it. They were prompt in returning our calls, answered all of our questions and, when we needed to talk, were immediately available. We appreciated their knowledge of the field and their comfort at the times when we were disconsolate. Their professional advice and attention to our suggestions were very welcome, and their honesty with us and the buyers invaluable. We would have no reservation in recommending them.

Jacqueline and Jim Shelburne

Fantastic local knowledge.

Very insightful. Right on top of the process and required paperwork. Very patient and calm, supportive and encouraging. We had lender issues - resolved with their help - and their response was consistently measured and professional. Their goal was to work through the issues so that we were able to close on the home we wanted. Willing to patiently visit many houses until the right home is found - no pressure. Heidi is super-organized, focused, providing checklists, following up tenaciously with the others involved in the transaction. Definitely both completer-finishers. All phone calls were returned promptly. As a client you feel important from the beginning of the process right through to the end. They have their great reputation for a reason!

Richard Blackburn

Markus & Heidi are as good as it gets!

Their marketing strategy exceeded our expectations as did their guidance and communication throughout the entire transaction. Markus's knowledge of the market is remarkable!

Hailey Dawson

Thank you Markus and Heidi!

They were amazing throughout our entire first time home buying process. They helped us each step of the way and never made us feel rushed or pressured. We are so thankful we worked with them!

Jennifer McCreadie

I highly recommend Markus and Heidi Brown.

  They are very professional, thorough and knowledgeable. Not once through our entire process did I feel like I needed to be concerned because I knew we were in good hands.  Markus really has a wealth of knowledge about the local area as well as many aspects of structural issues in and around homes.  He has a really good eye for seeing things that most people miss when looking at properties.  Markus stood by us over a very long period of time and I am grateful for it. We originally started our search some years back but had to put it on hold.  Markus was always great about keeping in touch during this time.  Once we started our search again, we had very specific needs in a very small location area.  It took us a long time to find what we really wanted and Markus really helped us stay on track.  He was always very honest about the homes we looked at and whether or not it really met our needs.  His input was invaluable. Our property search would have been extremely different without him.  Once we found a place, we had the opportunity to work with Heidi.  Heidi is extremely thorough and keeps everything moving smoothly during the escrow process as well as managing the schedule if you plan on selling your home.  Truly, I couldn’t have asked for a better team!  Markus and Heidi are amazing!

Aarti and Amish Kalyani

Markus got us our first house in Old Town Tustin in 2010.

Since then we have referred him to friends and family and they all have been very pleased with his quality of service. Most recently he helped us sell my wife's mom's home. Her husband was battling cancer and past away two years ago. Even before my father in law passed Markus was involved in helping us get the house ready. All in it has been a three year project. During the entire time as our lives were going up and down they never complained and never pushed us to move the sale along. They were always kind and extremely helpful. For that reason alone Markus and his wife Heidi will be the only realtors we will ever use.

Chris Edwards

Dear Markus and Heidi: How happy we are to have chosen you as our advocates!

The enjoyment of what you do shows in your effort, dedication, discretion - you are up there with the exceptional few and we wish you continued success here in the beautiful hills! Fondest wishes.

Gerald and Eva Grace

Our selection of Markus Brown as our agent was simply brilliant.

I could not have asked to be treated by a more professional TEAM. His positive attitude regarding the sale of our home and handling a few normal issues during escrow was comforting to say the least. Thank you to the Brown's and  the rest of his team.

D Austin

Markus and Heidi Brown helped us to buy a home in Orange County, CA.

They are consummate professionals who truly know their business. Markus took the time to listen to our needs and find us a home that would suit us perfectly -- he also encouraged us to think about properties that we might not have considered, one of which turned out to be the perfect place for us. He negotiated a great deal on our home, saving us thousands of dollars. As we considered the property, he also gave us great ideas for how to improve the property and increase its value. Heidi helped us to navigate through the hiccups and setbacks of a somewhat complicated escrow, and gave us great advice on the best way to file all the appropriate paperwork. She worked tirelessly to push the deal through. Together, Markus and Heidi truly "had our backs" and put our best interests first. If you are looking for experienced real estate agents who are extremely competent and who will go the extra mile to make sure you are happy with your home, I would not hesitate to recommend Markus and Heidi Brown.

Camilla Cheung

Dear Markus and Heidi: How happy we are to have chosen you as our advocates!

The enjoyment of what you do shows in your effort, dedication, discretion - you are up there with the exceptional few and we wish you continued success here in the beautiful hills! Fondest wishes. 

Gerald and Eva Grace

Markus and Heidi, You have made this process a pleasure!

From Markus' knowledge and feel for his clients to Heidi's professional and detail-oriented way, we couldn't be happier with how you took care of us!! Do you help unpack too!?!?

Cassandra Garr

Markus and Heidi Brown are an amazing team.

Not only did they help me sell my condo in south county, but they found me the perfect house in Tustin, just where I wanted to be. They have held my hand through the entire process, made me feel comfortable with the large purchase of a new home, and have been true professionals. There isn't anyone else I would want to handle this task. Thank you Markus and Heidi!

Jessica Mahar Christie

These two make the best real estate agent team ever.

Markus was so full of information when it comes to searching for a home. He knows the signs of potential problems, how much renovations will cost, and is very knowledgeable on housing prices. Both Markus and Heidi are informed on the happenings of Tustin, which greatly helped us when choosing a house in Tustin. They led us to certain resources that assured us that where we bought was suited for us. Heidi was awesome when we went into escrow. She was on top of everything that we needed to do, which made our job very easy. She was actually better prepared than our escrow company. She is definitely someone you want on your side. Last but not least the two of them are great when it comes to negotiating. They knew what it would take to get our house. Thank you so much. We couldn't have done this without your hard work and professionalism.

Brian and Kelsi Walker

Markus and Heidi just sold our house in Huntington Beach, CA.

They were referred to us by friends who had already done several transactions with them. We were in a hurry to sell our home and they managed to get the job done quickly and with minimal disruption to our lives. They are knowledgeable, attentive, responsive and held our hands the whole way. Heidi and Markus turned turned what was a highly stressful time in our lives, into a very manageable step by step process. We highly recommend them. We can't say enough about Markus and Heidi and would not hesitate to use them again!

Farida Wilkes

I heard about Heidi and Markus Brown's excellent reputation on the $1M+ sales market and placed my complete trust in them to handle the sale of my $1.

6M beach property. Being an absentee owner living in a state 1700 miles away, I thought this transaction might pose some challenges. However, through the use of technology and excellent communications along the way, we got the transaction done. Their marketing plan worked great and we secured the exact type of buyer I was looking for. The escrow process was effortless as well, and we closed in 30 days without a hitch. I recommend Heidi and Markus Brown for all transactions, no matter how complicated, they come through.

Hans F Thurau

I cannot say enough good about Markus and Heidi Brown!

My husband and I met Markus several months before we decided we were seriously ready to look for a house. I filed his business card away until we were ready, and when that time came, we didn't hesitate to call Markus. He was extremely knowledgeable and took the time to make sure we completely understood the house buying process in California. He was also very good at pointing out the good and the bad about each house we saw. He was able to guide us and show us what was really important when making a decision to bid. Whether it was a standard sale, short sale or foreclosure we were confident that he had experience to close the deal! In fact he did just that. We decided to bid on a foreclosure and because of the reputation of Markus and Heidi and their understanding of how it all works, we got the house. After our bid was accepted Heidi was there all the way. She did not let one detail get passed by. She explained all the paperwork and kept us posted daily on where we were at in the process. Together, they turned something could have been a stressful situation, into a great experience! I would highly recommend Markus and Heidi Brown and would for certain use them again. These are real people who care about you and getting you a great deal and making sure you find exactly what you are looking for:)

Heather Maddigan

My husband Chris and I are so happy to be settling into our awesome Mid-Century Modern home that our wonderful realtors Markus and Heidi helped us purchase.

From the very first meeting we were both so impressed by how they explained every detail of the home-buying timeline and process. We immediately felt so confident in their services and as first-time homebuyers we had a very clear idea of what we were getting into and what we would encounter along the way. They constantly kept us up to date with calls and emails about every step, were very friendly and personable to work with, and gave us honest opinions on the homes we were interested in. They really understood our needs as far as our budget and the characteristics of what we wanted in a home. They also really fought for us through all negotiations, always protecting our interests. We would highly recommend them to anyone we know looking to buy a house, and we hope to keep in touch with them in the future!

Alexandra Varesi

Markus and Heidi are a great team and we had an exceptional experience with them in our search for a home.

Markus is patient and genuine and has a unique talent for figuring out what a buyer is looking for in a property. Heidi is thorough, organized, and has tremendous attention to detail. They have a great knowledge and feel of the Orange County real estate market. Every step of the home search and buying process was handled with the utmost professionalism and integrity. No question was too small, and we always felt that our needs were put first. They have our highest recommendation. 

Sudeep and Sara Taksali

Markus and Heidi were great for us!

Their knowledge of the local area fit our needs perfectly and they provided way more help than we could have imagined. Approximately 5 years ago, Markus and Heidi were of great assistance to my family as we were attempting to short sell our condominium (and deal with all the hassles that come with that). They exhausted all efforts in helping us with that property for little, if any, benefit. We always told ourselves when we were ready to buy again, we would contact Markus and Heidi because of all the help they gave us during our short sale. Fast forward 5 years to now and we've just closed on a very nice home and got a great deal! When we got back into the market, Markus and Heidi were right there without question helping us patiently with our search. We couldn't have asked for any better attention and local knowledge. We're pleased with how that whole process played out. In terms of closing the deal, Heidi was instrumental with making sure all the loop holes were closed. This closing was unique in the sense that part of our team is located in Hawaii therefore requiring hundreds of email communications and coordinating and timing of signatures. Heidi pulled all this together and made it as painless as possible. I would recommend any potential buyers to Markus & Heidi for their knowledge, expertise, experience and overall customer satisfaction.

Mark Hodge

Markus and Heidi are by far the most capable realtors I've worked with.

They are extremely hard working and very good at walking you through every step of the process. When offers came in, Markus sat down with us and went through every facet of each and made recommendations which were spot on. They use a fantastic photographer to make your property sparkle and make sure your listing is visible on hundreds of online and print outlets. I couldn't more highly recommend them.

Daniel Rivin

I enjoyed working with Markus in finding my house.

He really listened to me when I told him what I was looking for in a house, and he showed me many homes that met my desires for a new home. He was always willing to show me anything I wanted to see even when he thought it was not what I was looking for. Markus has lots of networking connections in different neighborhoods and was able to know what was available in my price range. He stayed on top of the houses that came on the market each and every day. I often saw houses that had just come on the market either that day or the night before. It is this kind of dedication and persistence that led Markus to find the perfect house for me before "my house" ever went on the market. Once my offer on the home of my dreams was accepted, Heidi, his wife, kept me apprised of all the paperwork and other "details" necessary from the day my offer was accepted until the close of escrow. Markus and Heidi are quite a husband and wife team. They will find your dream house. I recommend them to anyone wishing to buy a house. In a tough housing market such as this, Markus and Heidi can really get the job done!  

Kathy Hettick

Dear Heidi and Markus, This is a heartfelt letter that is intended to bring light upon you both.

  I've known you for over 7 years now; first as friends who share the love of surfing, then again by connecting with our desire to be pro-active in helping restore this charming little town of Tustin; and now as my personal realtors.  And let me say, that the pleasure has been all mine. Your professionalism is over the top but not too much that you can't be real and authentic.  And I love (and laugh) at your uniqueness that you both bring to your profession and why it is you chose to be a team.  Both right on point with such precision and speed that it just makes me be in awe.   Let my thanks and gratitude come through for all yo'uve done for me and the selling of this property.  You knew your buyer, seller, market, economy, the neighborhood and most important the listing price.  You guys hit this one out of the park.  One week on the market and we were on our way. May we be friends forever as we come and go through life.  And again, the pleasure of our friendship is all mine.  

April Pollock

Markus and Heidi Brown are incredible professionals.

They know the real estate business in and out. They are responsive and straightforward. Their no nonsense approach helped us find and secure a home that was exactly what we were looking for. Markus paid very close attention to what we were looking for in a house, but also challenged our boundaries to ensure we knew that our new house would be a perfect fit. Once we found the perfect place, Heidi guided us through the escrow process. Her organizational skills and attention to detail was vital in ensuring that we didn't encounter any delays or mishaps during the most important part of the process. It was a seamless effort between Markus and Heidi on all accounts. Markus also helped us realize the potential of our purchase. He provided insightful ideas about increasing the value, aesthetics, and functionality of our new house. When all was said and done, Markus and Heidi were the key in helping us find the house we can call ours. 

Jared and Heidi Gummig

Markus and Heidi made it their goal to find us exactly what we wanted, even when we weren't exactly sure what we wanted.

They asked us all the right questions and spent a lot of time looking for the best place that would make us happy. With non-stop viewings, they were right there to make sure we saw the house we were interested in right away! They really know how the market works and have a few tricks up their sleeves to make sure you get what you want. The house we really wanted had multiple offers and Markus and Heidi knew exactly how to handle such a situation and the seller countered our offer the very next day. In the end, we were thrilled with how helpful and knowledgeable they were about the process and how to get it done. Even in escrow, they worked their magic and were able to get the sale price reduced. We would absolutely recommend Markus and Heidi and when it comes to selling - they would be the only ones we would call. Thanks you two - you were wonderful!  

Aly Cummings and Casey Rising

Markus and Heidi are quite a team, with each capitalizing on their own personal strengths.

Our real estate transaction was flawless from their end. They prepared us in advance every step of the way. They were attentive to our goals and very timely. My last real estate transaction required a lot of followup from my end. When Markus promised followup, he was timely. He arrived on time to every appointment. It was such a pleasure to work with them. Both had exceptional knowledge of both the business but also the local Tustin area. I have no reservation in recommending them. They are extremely trustworthy and reliable. We hope to continue our relationship with them for years to come.

Robert and Carolynn Richard

Heidi and Markus got us a great price for our condominium and an unbelievable price on our new house.

Their carefully researched arguments really helped boost our sale price and reduce our purchase price. And the fact that they did things most other agents don't made all the difference in the world for us. We couldn't be happier and will use them again for any purchase or sale in the future. 

Ken and Fabiana Muench

Markus and Heidi Brown are a truly professional, class act.

They make the stressful process of home buying as streamlined and efficient as is possible. They keep winning awards year after year for a reason -- they know their business and market inside and out, they are extremely personable yet totally professional, and they are really, really good at what they do. I can't give a higher or more glowing recommendation to Markus and Heidi Brown. If you are buying or selling your home, you cannot pick a realtor better than them.

Lanny Rudner

Markus and Heidi were absolutely incredible to work with!

This was my first time buying a home and I knew nothing about the process. On my first meeting with Markus he took the time to draw a visual tool to help me understand how things work. Markus payed close attention to what I was looking for was able to meet me on short notice to look at properties. It only took me a couple weeks to find our PERFECT home. When we walked into the home I ended up purchasing... I knew that it was the one. Markus called the agent and I was the first offer. The next day he called to let me know the seller had 3 all cash offers... This made things a little more stressful as I did not have that type of offer. Markus advised me to write a heartfelt letter to the seller and attach a photo of myself and my son. Well... The seller loved my letter and knew that I was the one he wanted to live in his house! I cried for an hour out of sheer gratitude!! Heidi took over and helped make the transaction smooth and flawless!! These two are amazing and I will forever be grateful to them for helping me to find my dream home! Among all their talents, professionalism, promptness, knowledge and kindness... They really care about helping people transition into their new home!  Thank you Markus and Heidi for the incredible work and support that you provided to me. I just love you guys!

Michelle Selander
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